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The following items will let your fiancee or wife easily use Russian, Ukrainian, or any other Cyrillic-based language on a regular Windows PC:

1. Fonts and Software (Necessary)

Cyrillic Support 2000 is a complete package of fonts and software for using Russian, Ukrainian, etc. in Windows. It includes a printed manual with detailed notes on using these languages in popular Windows word processors, Web browsers, and e-mail programs.

2. Keyboard Labeling (Highly Recommended)

US/Russian Keyboard has both English and Russian letters factory-printed on the keys.

Cyrillic Keytop Labels let you easily add Cyrillic letters to an existing keyboard.

3. Spell Checking (Recommended)

Russian Proofing Tools extends Microsoft Word's spell checking, grammar checking, and thesaurus features to work in Russian as well as English.


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